Hypnobirthing is simple and effective.

Hypnobirthing works. It really does. Knowledge is power and the combination of information about birth choices and techniques for managing labour means you can make your own choices confidently and do things your way.

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Breathing, relaxation and birth preparation techniques 

Every small change makes a huge difference and you can prepare your body and mind for birth.

We learn and practice:

  • Breathing techniques for all stages of labour and surges
  • How to use relaxation scripts
  • How to create a the best birth environment and relaxation triggers

We cover:

  • How to minimising the risk of tearing
  • Increasing your chances of going into labour naturally
  • Encouraging baby to move into the most usual position for birth

Comprehensive antenatal education

The KG hypnobirthing course is a complete antenatal education and is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives 

We learn hypnobirthing technqiues but also discuss

  • How to choose where to give birth
  • Pain relief options available
  • Whether to use a birth pool
  • How to write a birth plan
  • The golden hour - choices you need to make for the hour immediately after birth

Positive thinking and hypnotherapy

Hypnosis describes a technique where words used repeatedly, when the mind is suggestible, form new beliefs. The most common hypnosis in our culture - the most frequently repeated idea that leads to a belief being formed - is that birth is difficult and painful.

You will learn how to reverse this belief and replace it will more positive, empowering beliefs about birth, gently, in your own time. We also employ fear release technquies to help you address your worries about your own personal circumstances.



Ongoing support and meet ups

Once your class is over, I'll still be available for questions and support via email. I have access to a vast amount of birthing research and statistics that you can use to help you make decisions.

I also run frequent parents-to-be and new parent meet ups so we can get together to ask questions and share experiences plus make connections with other local parents.