Birthing, your way

Hypnobirthing teaches you techniques to make labour more comfortable and gives you the information you need to plan for the kind of birth you want.

You can have a say in so many aspects of your experience. It's not possible to control everything but you can take ownership of your birth and feel happy with your birth story.

What parents say

"I really enjoyed our hypnobirthing classes with Hannah, in our home in South London. My husband and I were weeks away from our baby's birth and these sessions gave us the time and space to reflect on the birth we wanted. Hannah's open manner and approach made for a really harmonious time together. Perhaps most importantly, the sessions helped my husband and me to become a true team when the time came to give birth to our baby. I will be forever grateful for this."
Gina & Harry

"We really enjoyed every minute of the couples session we booked with Hannah. The entire content was tailored to us, and it felt very personal, and made us both quite emotional at points. We came away feeling much more clued up on all aspects of the lead up to birth and the birth itself, and much more empowered. Hannah has shown us just how much choice we really have and has allayed our fears - we're both really looking forward to the big day now."
Nicola & Owain

"Brilliant workshop from Hannah. We found it very useful during pregnancy and run up to birth. In labour the CD was invaluable. Hannah gave us great support throughout too. A lovely, calm and reassuring person."

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